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Projects:  Relocated the Chagall Window in the United Nations under Benoit Gilsoul

Glass commissions for clients such as the Chairman of Cushman Wakefield

Commissions for various architects in NYC such as Swanke Hayden Connell  

Work published in magazines such as Connoisseur and Interior Design  

Worked with Lowell Nesbitt fabricating custom and limited edition glass



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Contact       Email: mail@art+technology.com

or call steve at 917.338.3073 ext.112
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Commissions for Historic preservation houses on Harrison St. NYC

Lighting project for LaMonte Young and the Dia Art Foundation  

Founding member of the NYEGW, now Urban Glass  

Worked for Perry Ellis on the renovation of his home

Skylight for Frost Brothers, Corpus Christi

Interior Designers such as Rita St. Clair